CiviCRM Sites in Canada

The Physician Health Program of British Columbia

The Physician Health Program strives to provide advocacy and support for physicians, including those in training and their families, who are experiencing problems related to personal and family emotional health issues, the inappropriate use of alcohol and/or drugs or coping with physical illness.

The Program was the sponsor for the CiviCase component of CiviCRM. Additionally the non-Case components are used to manage relationships with related organizations.

Alberta Environmental Network

The AEN is a non-profit, non-partisan umbrella organization dedicated to helping preserve and protect Alberta's environment. Membership in the AEN is open to any non-profit, non-governmental organization demonstrating sincere concern and action toward a healthier environment.

K-W Counselling Services

K-W Counselling Services is a multi-service agency in Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario, providing individual, family, group and outreach supports to the community.

Camp NeeKauNis

Camp NeeKauNis is a Quaker camp on the shore of Sturgeon Bay, (off Georgian Bay) near Waubaushene, Ontario, 130 km. (about an hour and a half to two hours by car) north of Toronto.

Volunteer Canada

Volunteer Canada is the national voice for volunteerism in Canada. Since 1977, Volunteer Canada has been committed to supporting volunteerism and civic participation through ongoing programs and special projects.

Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA)

The Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA) is a dynamic coalition of over 75 Canadian women’s equality-seeking and related organizations. FAFIA’s mandate is to further women’s equality in Canada through domestic implementation of its’ international human rights commitments.

BC STV Electoral Reform Referendum: May 12, 2009

BC-STV is a form of Single Transferable Vote, versions of which are used in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. It is a modern system designed to ensure voters have an effective voice in their government.

Fair Vote Canada

Fair Vote Canada (FVC) is a multi-partisan citizens' campaign for voting system reform. Canadians from all points on the political spectrum, all regions and all walks of life are joining FVC to demand a fair voting system - a fundamental requirement for healthy representative democracy and government accountability. A case study for the implementation of CiviCRM on this site is here:

Heritage Toronto

Telling Toronto's stories.

Etobicoke Underwater Club represents the Etobicoke Underwater Club Inc. (EUC). We're a non-profit SCUBA diving club that specializes in training and assisting new divers. In existence for over 50 years we've had over 1800 divers pass through our doors, and continue to maintain a strong presence in the Southern Ontario region.

Pride Toronto

Pride Toronto is using CiviCRM for general contact management. Their
installation includes integration between CiviCRM and Drupal's organic
groups, and a shared permissioning model on CiviCRM contacts has been
extended to integration with netOffice and a custom Drupal module for
volunteer management. The volunteer management module has some CiviCRM
integration in early version which are being migrated to Drupal in early

Green Party of Canada

The Green Party of Canada uses Drupal 5 and CiviCRM 1.6 (currently working to upgrade to 1.9) and was launched beginning of 2007. The site uses CiviCRM for donations, membership, canvassing (CiviCanvass), riding pages, and office administration.

Green Party of Ontario

This is a drupal site similar to the Green Party of Canada site. It uses Drupal 5 and Civicrm 1.7 and was launched on Aug. 30 in preparation for the provincial election that took place on October 11. The site uses Civicrm for donations and membership.

Khadro School of Chi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang is a Chi Kung (energy) therapy that is a gentle touching of the abdomen to clear from the internal organs stagnant and congested energies and remove habituated emotional patterns, creating an inner space to facilitate healing and realization.

Using the CiviContribe, CiviMail, CiviEvent components.

Lama Yeshe Ling

Lama Yeshe Ling is a Tibetan Buddhist organization in the south west parts of the Toronto region. We use the Organic Groups in Drupal, and with CiviCRM the CiviEvent feature, the CiviContribute, the CiviMemeber and the CiviMail components (once I figure out how to get the unsubscribe function to work).

Ontario NDP

This site uses profiles for e-newsletter signups, and to allow people to tell their stories about how they are affected by government policies. These stories then get displayed on a Google map showing where they are from.

CiviContribute is used for donation processing.

CiviMail is beginning to be used to mail newsletters and appeals.

OpenConcept Consulting Inc.

We use CiviCRM to track our clients and manage outreach.

Toronto Neighbourhood Centres

Toronto Neighbourhood Centres is an association of non-profit multi-service organizations dedicated to strengthening local neighbourhoods and enabling diverse communities to work together to promote justice and a healthy life for all.